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Just as the name states, a weather seal keeps the weather out. This isn’t only wind but rain and snow too. It is understandable that your garage door would do the main work when it comes to standing up against weather, but the seal is necessary too. Your garage door was designed to fill that open space and protect your garage from rain, snow and wind. As great as this is, the door can’t be perfectly aligned which leaves an inch and a half to an inch of room around for weather to creep in.

The weather seal stops that. Even a small crack or gap around your garage door can cause some serious damage? If it rains and your garage is not protected with a weather seal or the seal has been damaged, rain water can seep in causing a layer of ice once froze over.

You should check the condition of your garage door’s weather stripping at least one to two times a year. Ensuring that the door is closed, pay close attention to the edges of the door. You want to examine the areas between the door and the side jambs as well as the section that lines the bottom of the door (typically affixed to an aluminum boot).

Here’s what to look for as you check each section:


  • Is any light coming through?
  • Can you feel the breeze from outside or any air going out or in?
  • Are any sections or pieces cracking, flaking, missing, or brittle in texture?

If you answer no to these questions, the weather stripping is good to go for another season. If not, the entire trim or section that’s affected will likely need to be replaced. To ensure an even seal, it’s recommended that you make it a habit to replace weather stripping sections at the same time.

Weather stripping is both a way to protect the interior of your garage from flooding in addition to improving the overall insulation of your home. In the summer months, weather stripping keeps cool air in. In winter months, weather stripping keeps water and rain out, while stabilizing the home’s internal temperature.

While it is advisable to seal the door connecting the garage to the main living area of the house as well, properly installed weather stripping around the exterior garage door can help to greatly reduce the risk of lost energy. Additionally, the bottom of the garage door will not scrape against the concrete or pavement, helping to prevent premature wear of both the door and the floor.

The cost of installing or replacing weather stripping is low, especially when compared to the long-term benefits it provides.

A damaged weather seal can be dangerous to one’s health or even cause you to have trouble driving out of your garage. Your garage door weather seal allows you to be more energy efficient keeping the temperature of your garage’s air inside.

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