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More and more people are using their garage as the main entry into their home, which makes it a major inconvenience when the garage door stops working. Your garage is commonly a primary focal point to your home’s exterior facade, so an outdated or discolored door can greatly detract from the overall curb appeal. Whether broken or outdated, it may be time for a garage door replacement, and the expert team at 716 Garage Door Repair can help! Our reliable technicians provide efficient and cost-effective new garage door installation services that can’t be beat. We at 716 Garage Door Repair are committed to making sure your new garage door is installed and is functioning properly. Our team of experts is well-versed in every aspect of how these machines work, and are able to install your garage door with confidence, timeliness, and a level of professionalism that we are proud of.

  1. Managing and installing of torsion or extension springs
  2. Taking all precautionary measures necessary to do the installation safely
  3. Installation of each section of your new garage door
  4. Installation of rollers
  5. Proper alignment of the upper tracks the garage door will use
  6. Proper setting of springs and other components
  7. Setting proper tension in springs so that they will function correctly

There are few things more frustrating that getting home from a long day at work or pulling up to the house with a vehicle full of kids and having the garage door not work properly. Let 716 Garage Door Repair make sure that the installation of your new garage door is accomplished correctly so that you have the peace of mind that comes with a secure garage door. We want your plans to go off without a hitch. Your garage door shouldn’t stand in your way.

Installing a new garage door in your home does not need to be a hassle. There are a lot of moving pieces to consider, and the team at 716 Garage Door Repair is prepared to handle any installation job! Let us do the heavy lifting, and you’ll be arriving home and pulling into your garage in no time.

A garage door is not built like a regular door. It can therefore be extremely dangerous to install one without the right tools and experience. Garage doors are heavy and contain heavy-duty components such as high-tension springs and cables. The opening mechanism can be quite sophisticated, so you don’t want to risk making costly mistakes. With Our professional installation, you can have a garage that’s safe, functional, and affords peace of mind. If you need your garage door replaced, we at 716 Garage Door Repair can complete the job in a half a day. Of course, it all depends on the size of the door, availability, weather, and other outside forces beyond your control. In many cases, same-day installations ensure the availability of your garage and security of your home. Our unrivalled experience and expertise will ensure that you receive an installation of the highest possible standard and one that lasts you for many years to come. We can also tailor our installations to suit any requirements and complement your property’s existing style and color. If you’re looking to upgrade your double garage, we can easily convert your two single garage doors to one double garage door, to a size, style and finish that suits you. Make your life easier and add automation to your garage door for added security and convenience. Just ask us for more details and further information. Problems with your home garage door can be a huge inconvenience and the costs of fixing those problems can add up fast, especially if the issue goes unaddressed for too long. You can be assured that our technicians can service any make or model of garage door, including top brand names. Our experts will make sure that your garage door is in good hands. Emergency services are also available, so you can expect quality service exactly when you need it.

When garage door installers get started, they must disassemble and remove the old door first. Then they can place the new garage door panels and install tracks, rollers, springs, cables, and the garage door opener. How long it takes to install a garage door opener is a consideration, as this part alone can take four to six hours.

Our professional installers also test the garage door system to ensure it is working properly. Every procedure completed during the installation process involves time. Other individual factors that affect how long garage door installation takes include:

  1. Professional installation: Our qualified installers can work efficiently while getting the job done right the first time. If you were to attempt installation without experience, this will add time. A professional at 716 can complete a new build in as little as three hours, while replacing an old garage door requires additional steps.
  2. Size: Smaller doors understandably take a shorter amount of time to install than larger ones. In fact, size is the most significant factor regarding the length of time of installation. And, if modifications must be made to fit the door in place, the job will take longer to complete.
  3. Availability: Is the door in stock or available or is it a custom build? Whatever may be the case, installation should be scheduled quickly; it is usually easiest to obtain basic raised panel doors. Other types, especially if they’re not in stock, can take weeks to get in.
  4. Type of Installation: It can take about three to four hours to replace a door of the same type and size (for a door of roughly 16 feet). If the new door is compatible with the structure and available space, and your existing wiring and brackets are in good condition, installation is simpler than it otherwise would be.
  5. Weather Conditions: Installing a garage door on a chilly, stormy day will take longer than if it is mild and calm. Excessive cold and heat can make working conditions difficult. On a pleasant day, the project should take less time.

Your new door must be installed square and plumb to give you years of trouble free service. Likewise, your opening must be square and plumb to optimize the operation and the appearance of your door. We at 716 Garage Door Repair, always like to point out some of the adverse site conditions that could affect performance of your new door.

  1. We often have to place fixings into the ceiling or walls of your garage and to find solid fixings we may need to make several holes as we try to locate solid points to fix into.
  2. You must have a 13-amp socket in your garage in order for us to provide power to your electric opener. We cannot wire to a service board or lighting circuit. You will need a qualified electrician to wire a 13-amp socket at the opener head location (we will provide details on the proper location).
  1. If your door is not level at the opening, your door may not seal properly.
  2. If your lintel is not level, your door may appear to be off level.
  3. If your jambs or reveals are not plumb the appearance of your door may be affected.
  4. If we are removing an old frame, there is no way to guarantee that brick or other masonry work will not be disturbed. We will carefully remove the old frame, but we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the removal of the frame. For example, loose masonry or plaster.

For garage doors and front doors, we generally insist that the door be installed after the floor is finished. However, if the finished floor is not yet in, you must clearly indicate where the finished floor level will be on the reveals so that we can install the door at the right height and set the limits on the opener (when automated). An additional call out charge may be incurred if we have to return to make adjustments to either the door or opener.

If your garage is being plastered, this work must be carried out before the door can be installed (including ceiling). Plaster in the track, guides or other workings of the door will damage the door and void your warranty.


Garage doors represent as much as 30% of a home’s exterior, making them a fundamental influence on overall curb appeal. That being said, it’s important to choose a garage door style that will complement your façade without becoming a focal point. Certain garage door styles may be best suited to your exterior. Our professional team at 716 Garage Door Repair can help you choose the perfect fit for you.


This door is great for those who truly want that classic garage door look. Although it is a classic, that does not mean that it is not customizable. With more than 20 color options and multiple window configurations, you will be able to have the perfect garage door for your home. Did we mention that you also have the choice between an insulated or non-insulated garage door? Perhaps the Buffalo, NY winters do not have to feel quite as cold.

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If you are looking to add an exquisitely modern and contemporary touch to your home, then look no further than the California garage door. With 3 color options and several types of glass, you are certain to find the perfect accent to your home while ensuring your privacy remains in tact.

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The Eastman garage door is the perfect door option for anyone who is looking to bring a classic rustic design to the exterior of their home. Themed after classic barn doors, Eastman garage doors look great on any style of home. When you add in the ability to choose from nine different door colors and five overlay colors, you would be hardpressed to not find the perfect match for your home.

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You won’t find many garage doors in Buffalo that match the versatility of the Cambridge CL. With a style that fits any home, the Cambridge CL garage door is essentially a classic door design with a gorgeous modern upgrade. The nine color options, five color overlay options, and the addition of three windows will add the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” to your home.

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