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We offer only the best garage door services to our customers in Western New York. These may be repairs, replacements, maintenance, or installations. Garage rollers are important parts for your garage door. If you’re not familiar with them, think of a skateboard wheel with a metal rod attached in the middle. These rollers are like the wheels that help the chain drive support or counterbalance the entire garage door, as it opens up or closes down. But while garage doors can last for decades, rollers need replacement after a few years of use. So to sum up, the garage door is mainly functional with the garage door opener, the garage door spring, and the garage door rollers.

Fortunately, these rollers are often sold separately. And replacement rollers are compatible with multiple garage doors and styles, so you don’t have to go back to your initial garage door manufacturer. But how do you know you’ve bought the best garage door rollers?

Our mastery over the entire garage door’s structure allows us to conduct the necessary repairs and apply improvements to make sure your garage door is in good shape.

Garage door rollers are an integral part of the smooth, quiet and safe operation of any garage door. Selecting the perfect match for your garage door can be a little tricky because there are various sizes and those can be made from different types of materials.

Maybe your old rollers are falling apart? Maybe your garage door is making so much noise opening and closing that you wake up the entire house when you go to work. You’ve started parking in the yard so you won’t have to open the door in the morning. You don’t need a garage door expert or a rocket scientist to tell you it may be time to replace your garage door rollers. However, the 716 Garage Door Repair can send out a crew to make the emergency repairs today. Just call (716) 608-0053

The process of how a garage roller door works is pretty straightforward. The idea behind it is somewhat similar to other garage door in sense that it provides you access to and from the garage. However, the different is its approach to the entire operation. Here are some noteworthy features:

  1. Consists of corrugated steel curtain
  2. The curtain can be rolled up into a bundle
  3. Opening and closing is much easier as compared to other garage doors
  4. The process involves flexing, which is made possible by corrugations
  5. Can easily take into account the weight of the door, as its parts and structure are designed in such a way

You shouldn’t have to go without the convenience of your garage door. Your overhead garage door rollers, at the end of the day, are all about allowing your investment to last for years. The durability and reliability you will get are definitely worth every cent. If you want rollers that can last longer, go for the steel ones. But if you are more interested in obtaining a quite garage door operation, then these steel rollers will only let you down. In that case, it is strongly recommended that you move forward with nylon garage door rollers. They are an absolute beast in the industry! That being said, same-day service is something we are happy to offer to ensure your needs are met as soon as possible. If you are in need of garage door repair service, we will waive our $79.00 service charge to guarantee affordable service.
If you’re in need of residential garage door repair or replacement in Buffalo, Western New York, or the surrounding areas, contact us today to request a quote.

The easiest way to determine the correct size of the rollers is to remove one to take a proper measurement. If removing the rollers is not possible, opening the door half way so the rollers are at eye-level for measurement will work.

To figure out which size replacement rollers you should buy, you will need to measure across the width of the roller head with a ruler or tape measure. Roller sizes are standard at one inch, two inches or three inches; except the sizes are usually ¼” short: ¾”, 1 ¾”, and 2 ¾”.

Measuring the shaft or stem, which is attached to the roller, is also important. The stem length is standard as well; just measure yours and the new one should be the same size. Older doors may require custom-sized rollers. Call us at (716) 608-0053 if custom rollers are required.

It most often depends on the type of garage door that you have installed. But, 10 rollers are always the standard. It has been the figure since day one. It is worth noting, however, that 10 is the standard package, the industry standard is always having a total of 10 rollers – all of which will be responsible for the operation of the garage door. If you plan to go beyond the 7-feet mark, the most plausible number of garage door rollers is 12.

The material used to make the rollers selected will make a huge difference on how quiet the garage door operates, how long the rollers will last and how much those will cost. Rollers are filled with ball bearings that make a huge difference on how quiet a garage door operates. The more ball bearings, the quieter the door, and the longer they last. However, it’s also important to remember that the more ball bearings, the higher the cost. But, when you are making an investment that will last 12-20 years, paying more for quality is a consideration.

Truthfully, steel rollers last longer, but are also far noisier. Premium nylon garage door rollers will last anywhere from 12-20 years. A quieter door for 12 to 20 years or a noisier door that may give you another five years on those steel rollers? We at 716 Garage Door Repair can replace those noisy rollers with “premium high cycle” nylon rollers containing 13 ball bearings for quiet, long-lasting operations. Nylon rollers never require lubrication, which makes them efficient, trouble-free and non-vibrating. Although costlier than steel, they are the better choice for residential applications.

Basically, since time immemorial, rollers have been rated by cycles. Not all homeowners across the globe are aware of this, though. Also, you need to keep in mind that a variety of factors are taken into account in an attempt to pinpoint the life cycle of the roller. In this case, going with nylon rollers with bearings means you can expect to have a rate of least 10,000 cycles. Interestingly, nylon garage door rollers have become a popular product in the market, with their affordability being the number one reason.

You should select a garage door roller with a handful of bearings if you desire your garage door to operate in a much smoother and quieter manner. However, if you are trying to play around a certain budget, the nylon rollers should be a great steal. And, oh, you will appreciate the kind of quality they provide – they are really long-lasting!

Moreover, a general rule of thumb when it comes to understanding the lifespan if rollers is to obtain a much higher cycle endurance hardware package. So, as much as possible, you should try to aim big here to make rollers last longer!

Of course, they do need lubrication. At the end of the day, garage door rollers are among the parts of your garage door. And since they provide essence in making the operation possible, they need to be ensured in quality and performance. That is why lubrication is need, as well as regular maintenance from a certified garage repair professional. Lubrication, in particular, is essential in ensuring that they provide a fluid operation.

In some cases, maintenance of the roller can be done DIY. However, to ensure the quality of task, it is imperative to go with a professional. This is most especially if your garage door’s rollers tend to be complicated. Remember that most modern rollers require state of the art tool and equipment when it comes to maintenance and/or repair. We at 716 Garage Door Repair can certainly help you with that.

The cost of replacing garage door roller really depends on the type of garage door you want. So before you decide subscribing to a garage door replacement service, you need to determine first the type of garage door you want in your property. If you decide with the popular basic steel residential garage door, the standard height is around 7 feet. As such, there is necessity for you to obtain 10 to 12 rollers. Now if wooden garage door with 5 panels is your preferred option, the cost of this will highly depend on the number of rollers you want installed.

In most cases, garage door rollers arrive in a bag of 10, though some application could wind up to 12. There are instances where spending a few extra dollars are necessary, especially if other repairs or replacement is required. This is where you will find the need us at (716) 608-0053 for an estimate, allowing you to decide whether your budget cuts it or not.


While a single broken garage door roller may not cause detrimental damage to your garage door right away, it can still cause the door to function incorrectly or put extra stress on other parts of the door. It’s important to quickly repair faulty rollers – leaving it too long can stress other parts of the door, including the roller, which can lead to other issues. Attempting to DIY fix or replace your own garage door rollers can come with its pitfalls.

Don’t chance the potential injury, or the risk of making the problem worse. If you notice something wrong with your garage door wheel, call us for a fast and simple roller replacement to prevent further garage door repairs. Our specialist knows the ins and outs of a variety of garage door makes and models, and can offer comprehensive servicing and repair for any issue.

We will inspect your garage door rollers as part of a complete preventative garage door maintenance plan or during our annual tune-up service. If we identify a problem with your rollers, we will determine if repair is sufficient or you need full replacement. If you do need us to replace the rollers, we have plenty of brand-new, reliable options that we’ll quickly install for you at your ease. For your complete satisfaction and convenience, our professionals are readily available, with 24-hour emergency and same day service appointments. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call today!