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Having a broken garage door cable is one of those mechanical malfunctions that you might not see coming. If you’ve had a garage door cable break and disrupt your daily routine, whether it broke at your residence or place of business, 716 Garage Repair Services is ready to remedy the problem. Learn more below about why you should contact us for your broken garage door cable and any other garage-related maintenance!


The garage door cables are twisted cables made up of strands of galvanized wire. These cables function as lift cables that are attached to the bottom corner of your garage door, and are then routed to the counterbalance spring on your garage door. When inspecting a garage door cable, the utmost caution should be taken, since these cables can be under high tension.


What caused the break in your garage door cable was most likely normal wear and tear that occurs over time. When the cables move, they are routed through a system of pulleys, or are otherwise wound on a cable drum. The condition of the components that move the cable can also affect the lifespan of your cables. If you notice any corrosion, rust, fraying of the cable or any other signs of excessive wear, your cable may be in danger of breaking, if it hasn’t already.


How Much Does Fixing A Garage Door Cable Cost?

While the cables themselves aren’t the priciest pieces of equipment, the actual installation of garage door cables can take a considerable amount of expertise and time. The cost of garage door cable repair depends on the type of system you have, but usually, the charge is between $150 to $200.

What Should I Do If My Garage Door Cable Snaps?

If your garage door is open with one of your cables broken, it leaves your garage and home exposed. To make sure you and your possessions remain secure, consider cutting the unbroken cable so the door will lower and shut until a professional garage door repair company can come solve the problem for you.

What Makes A Garage Door Cable Break?

Cables may snap because of extended use and general wear and tear. Cables might also come off of the pulley system because there is an uneven distribution of operation of the door opener system. You might notice this by hearing a rattling noise from the cable-pulley system when it’s operating.

How Long Do Garage Door Cables Last?

While it depends on the quality of the cables along with their age, you should consider replacing your garage door cables if you see oxidation or rust on them, as this indicates weak spots where the cable is liable to soon break. To help your cables last longer, spray the cables at least once per year with garage door spray lube.

How Do You Fix A Garage Door Cable?

There are a few different options to fix a broken garage door cable, and deciding which is best usually takes an experienced professional. Sometimes, the use of a cable protector is required, while other times the use of heat-shrink tubing helps accomplish the job. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to give 716 Garage Door Repair Services a call to ensure you stay safe and don’t make the problem worse.