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Broken garage door openers are a hassle. 716 Garage Door Repair Services provides Buffalo residents with a wide range of garage door services, among which is our garage door opener repair service. If you aren’t sure where to turn with your broken garage door opener, folks in west New York choose our garage door repair company because we are trustworthy, affordable, and good at what we do. Learn more about what we can do for you below!


716 Garage Door Repair Services Inc. is a Buffalo garage door repair company that does things the right way. We offer professionally trained technicians who put the needs of our customers above everything else. We’ll talk you through whatever situation you might have so you can make the right decision for you and yours, whether it be repair, replace, or wait on the fix. We use quality parts, durable hardware, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your garage door is running properly. What’s more, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work!

Whether your garage door is the gate for a residential setting or a commercial building, it’s safe to say your life gets thrown out of whack when your garage door opener stops working. It can keep you from being able to leave your home, keep you from being able to safely store your car for the night, and it can generally disrupt your day-to-day activities.

That’s why we at 716 Garage Door Repair Services offer affordable, same-day-service for garage door opener repair and installations. Below, we’ll highlight the basics of garage door openers so that you can educate yourself on what the best next step is for your home or place of business’ garage door problem.


In case you are tempted to “DIY” the garage door opener repair project, allow us a word of warning: leave it to the professionals! These are complex systems, complete with loaded springs and heavy doors. Mistakes not only lead to more expensive repairs but also safety issues. Spare yourself the trouble and let us solve your problem in a cost-effective way. 716 Garage Door Repair Services Inc. offers reliable and affordable garage door installation and repair services in Buffalo and western New York!

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No matter the particular brand of garage door opener your home has, we are more than up for the challenge of servicing the brand. We’ll analyze and diagnose your issue to determine if a repair is possible. If not, we can install a new garage door opener for an affordable price


A garage door opener is an important feature of any garage door. While it is not responsible for the actual lifting of your heavy garage door because that is the purpose of the springs, the opener serves as its control mechanism for opening and closing and thus, provides additional security to your home and garage. A garage door opener is technically a motorized, complex mechanism that can be connected to a switch on the garage wall or operated with a remote control.

There are three types of garage door openers: the chain drive, belt drive and screw drive. The names refer to the different types of pulleys contained in the motor of the garage door opener that moves a trolley back and forth on a track, enabling the opening and closing of your garage door. A power unit is attached to the track

As soon as you call us, we will promptly mobilize our team of expert technicians to look into your garage door issue. Our technicians are qualified and trained to diagnose any problem that affects your garage door. If we determine that your garage door opener is faulty, we will give you advice on the appropriate solution.

Whatever type of garage door opener you have, our honest and courteous technicians know how to handle it. We carry all the best brands of garage door openers and its components. We are in a good position to advise you on what is appropriate for your needs. This is because you deserve only the best service with the lowest price tag.


It doesn’t matter whatever situation you have or what time it is. When you need our services, we will always be there for you. Furthermore, you can be sure that all of our technicians passed rigorous training and our battery of background checks.

Use our service now for all of your garage door needs. Call us and benefit from our expertise and amazing deals and discounts.

There are other components of a garage door opener. There is a quick release mechanism that is used during emergencies or power failures and signal sensors connected to access devices and receivers. At the same time, it includes a complicated assembly connected to a power unit.

Overall, repairing a faulty garage door opener is not a job for an amateur or faint-of-heart. It’s very complex mechanism requires expert servicing. That is why, we offer you our Service to repair your faulty opener in no time.


Generally speaking, there are three types of garage door openers:

  • Screw Drive Openers – This maintenance-free system features a steel drive screw which engages directly with the motor. It needs no additional lubrication
  • Belt Drive Openers – Belt drive openers offer smooth and quiet operation. They are also well known for their durability and longstanding performance.
  • Chain Drive Openers – Chain drive garage door openers are a great blend of value and performance. They are economical, reliable, and come in a variety of model types.
  • Jackshaft-Drive Opener: Jackshaft openers are installed on the side of the door. They use a 24v DC motor that drives pulleys and cables that turn the torsion bar and raise the door. They work for large doors and keep the ceiling free for overhead storage, and they are well-suited to garages with high or low ceilings. However, they are more expensive than most other types of openers.
  • Direct-Drive Opener:  They feature a stationary chain in a sturdy steel rail and have only one moving part located in the traveling motor carriage. Direct-drive garage door openers come with lifetime warranties, and they are similar in cost to belt-drive units.


When the garage door opener suddenly stops operating properly, the cause of the problem is usually pretty simple to understand, and the solution is usually quite easy. We have encountered a variety of problems and some of them are “DIY” material. You should not worry much if your garage door is not working. We have got you covered with some of the basic problems and what should you do about them. Below are some of the problems and how can you fix them.

Here are some of the most common problems, along with the most likely repairs for each. If none of the following fixes seem to correct the problem, you will need to consult the owner’s manual or contact us and we will send over a professional.


When the garage door doesn’t budge at all when the remote or wall switch pressed, it’s almost certain the power source has been disrupted in some way:

  • As with many such problems, the most common problem is the simplest one—the motor unit has been unplugged. Begin by checking the outlet where the door opener is plugged in, and make sure the cord is plugged in all the way.
  • It’s also possible that the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI outlet powering the door opener circuit has tripped or burned out. If you find that other lights or electrical circuits in the garage aren’t operating, this is the likely cause, and you’ll need to reset the breaker or GFCI or replace the burned-out fuse. If the circuit breaker or GFCI is tripping repeatedly, it’s a sign that there is a short circuit somewhere in the system—possibly even the garage door opener itself.
  • Finally, it’s possible the garage door opener’s motor has burned out and isn’t operating at all. This is a problem that will require our professional to replace it.



When the garage door immediately leaps upward after touching the floor, this too is a close-limit switch problem. Adjust the close-limit adjustment screw on the door opener motor in small increments until the door stops upon touching the floor. This is also an easy fix and can be done simply by using just a screwdriver.


Sometimes a garage door that lowers just fine will fail to open, especially in winter. If this happens, look for a screw on the motor unit to adjust the sensitivity of the opener. Especially in winter, when rollers sometimes get stiff, the door opener might be refuse to open. Lubricating rollers can also help with this problem. Methods for adjusting sensitivity vary; so consult the owner’s manual for directions.


When the garage door ascends correctly but stops short it is fully open, these are the likely causes:

  • The up-limit switch may need to be moved toward the motor unit. This switch is usually a simply touch-lever mounted on the end of the track near the motor unit, and if it is too far ​away, the motor will stop the door before it fully opens. The solution is to move the switch closer to the motor unit. This is a somewhat rare problem, and will usually show itself immediately after a new garage door opener is installed.
  • Balky or damaged rollers can also cause the door to stop short of fully opening. Inspect and replace damaged rollers, and lubricate rusty ones.


When this unusual problem occurs, it means the up-limit switch probably needs to be moved away from the motor unit. It is rare for this problem to suddenly appear; if it happens at all, it will usually be noticed when you first install the garage door opener.


If the garage door opens correctly but fails to close completely, there may be one of three common causes:

The close-limit switch may need adjusting. Your garage door has set-limit switches that instruct the motor when to stop running—both when it is opening, and when it is closing. If the close-limit switch is set wrong, it may prevent the door from closing It can also cause the opener to reverse or pull back up when you attempt to close it.

The close-limit switch is a safety measure that keeps people from being hit and having the door close on them—it is a necessary and required device for all garage door openers. Adjusting the limit switch will stop your garage door from behaving erratically.

Different garage doors have different means of adjusting the set-limit switches, but it is usually a screw feature on the motor unit that is turned to adjust how far the door descends.

The safety sensors may need adjustment or realignment. Near the bottom of the door track on both sides are electronic eyes that require a clear line of view between them. If the sightlines are clear between the eyes, the door will close smoothly all the way to the floor. However, if anything is blocking the sightline, or if the brackets holding the electronic eyes are out of alignment, the door will fail to descend all the way. In most cases, the door will stop or reverse, and lights will flash to tell you there is a problem.

Make sure there is nothing blocking the sight path between the electronic sensors. Sometimes, leaves or debris can block the sensors; it if happens frequently, it might be that vibrations from the door in the tracks are loosening the brackets holding the sensors and must be realigned.

Less frequently, rusted or damaged rollers can cause the door to bind in the tracks. Replacing damaged rollers or lubricating them with silicone lubricant can correct this problem. Sometimes the tracks themselves may shift or get bent, which can also cause the problem.


Two possible problems can lead to a garage door reversing before it even touches the floor:

  • Garage door openers have an adjustment screw that controls the closing force—the pressure with which a door is allowed to descend before the motor switches off. When the door reverses before it even hits the floor, this is often because the close-force setting needs adjustment. The friction of the door rollers within the tracks is fooling the door opener into thinking the door has reached the floor, and the opener needs to be adjusted for less sensitivity.
  • Damaged or rusted rollers can also create extra friction, fooling the door opener into stopping prematurely. Make sure the rollers are in good shape and well lubricated to prevent this problem.



In case you are tempted to “DIY” the garage door opener repair project, allow us a word of warning: leave it to the professionals! These are complex systems, complete with loaded springs and heavy doors. Mistakes not only lead to more expensive repairs but also safety issues. Spare yourself the trouble and let us solve your problem in a cost-effective way. 716 Garage Door Repair Services Inc. offers reliable and affordable garage door installation and repair services in Buffalo and western New York!

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