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716 5 tips to prepare your garage for winter

5 TIPS TO PREPARE YOUR GARAGE FOR WINTER With weather conditions changing so often these days around the world, it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of anything this winter in whatever area of Canada you call home. Many areas are likely to experience normal or only slightly abnormal weather. Yet, weather forecasters have […]

716 Lubrications is the key to garage door health

LUBRICATION IS THE KEY TO GARAGE DOOR HEALTH Your garage door is made up of many moving parts. You have rollers and hinges that make noise when they wear out or aren’t installed correctly. The door also has nuts, screws, roller bearings and springs, to name just a few of the parts. Lubricating these parts […]

716 Examine the seals and weather stripping

EXAMINE THE SEALS AND WEATHER STRIPPING   Just as the name states, a weather seal keeps the weather out. This isn’t only wind but rain and snow too. It is understandable that your garage door would do the main work when it comes to standing up against weather, but the seal is necessary too. Your garage […]