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When your garage door gets off track, your first instinct is probably the same as many homeowners — try to troubleshoot and fix the problem yourself! While your intentions are well-meaning, repairing garage door rollers and tracks isn’t usually a “DIY” type of task. Even if you are handy around the house, it is both safer and more affordable to let garage door repair experts handle the job. That’s why we will always recommend you give us a call for professional garage door off track repair in surrounding New York. Below, we’ll discuss what goes wrong when a garage door gets off track, why it happens, and more.

Repairing an off-track garage door is as dangerous as it is complicated. Below, we highlight a few reasons to choose 716 Garage Door Repair Services. After that, we’ll highlight a few of the most common reasons garage doors get off their tracks, along with what you can do about it!

Pinpointing reasons that garage door rollers derail and working to prevent those causes is the best way to keep your garage door running smoothly and safely. Keep the following causes of rollers derailing in mind when inspecting your garage door regularly:

  • Not enough lubrication:
  • Tracks aren’t secured properly:
  • A misaligned track:
  • Dirt is causing problems:
  • Damaged tracks:

Of course, the best way to keep your garage door running smoothly is to ensure it receives routine maintenance from professionals who are trained to identify and address problems, whether they be easy to spot or more difficult to notice. Be sure to schedule a regular inspection of your garage door by either a garage door professional or a landscaping expert–either one.  This is why 716 Garage Door Repair Services offers 24/7 emergency services in Buffalo and Western New York!

We want to be clear here: it’s a very bad and dangerous idea to attempt to repair your garage door spring by yourself. Even if you are a handyman or woman, professional experience is always recommended for safety issues. There are a lot of moving parts and it’s not something a five-minute YouTube video can fully explain. There are many types of garage doors, each with their own set of considerations you need to be aware of. So don’t go try fixing it — leave it to the professionals who offer quality and affordable prices!

716 Garage Door Repair is Buffalo’s choice for all things related to garage doors. Whether you are looking to replace or repair, we’ve got you covered with expertise, affordable rates, and a lifetime warranty on all work performed. What’s more, we’ll waive our service fee if we can’t complete the work properly! Request your quote today!

Obstructed Track: Most of the times it’s just a simple rake handle that fall into the track, or the track accidentally bend, causing an obstruction and making the garage door come down and also goes off.
Loose Hardware: If you’re wondering what causes a garage door to come track, the daily up and down movement of the door causes the nuts and bolts holding the door together to work them loose; making the door puts stress on different parts which eventually causes the door to become off track.
Someone hit the door with the car: Sometimes homeowners who try to exit the garage door can accidentally hit the door with the car. In that case the repair could be simple or complicated, it all depend on the damage level to the door. Even though it might seem simple to push the roller back into the tracks, hoping that the door will work again. But what you do not really know is that doing so can be dangerous, it is advisable to give us a call so that we can fix the door for you and be sure that it is safe for use again, and only then can you get back to use the door. Trying to operate an off-track garage door is hazardous, because it can fall completely out of tracks.

One of the most typical factors that cause off-track doors is when one or perhaps both of the garage door cables break or the garage door cable off track. In a situation where the garage door cable came off track major problems could develop as the cables serve as cushion for weight of the door and provide support to the door while the door is in motion down and up. Garage door cables operate for quite a very long time when there is no harsh handling; therefore, the most common reason behind their deterioration is wear and tear.

Apart from the above reasons; there are some other factors typically associated with garage doors being off track. Sometimes your garage door can become loose from its trails, due to something colliding with it-hard. For instance, if you accidentally set your car into reverse when the garage door is still closed, the crash can cause the door to jar off its-tracks.

If you or the person who installed your garage door didn’t install it securely, you may end up having problems with your garage door tracks later down the line. Tracks that are not securely fastened to the garage wall can create problems by moving too much, coming off the wall entirely, or just being slightly loose enough to misdirect the rollers. So, it’s important to make sure your tracks are firmly and tightly fastened to your garage walls.

Garages are dirty, dusty places, and this dirt and dust can get into your garage door track causing roller problems. If there’s dirt in the roller track and there’s not enough lubrication, this is enough to jam your rollers and send them right off the tracks. You can fix this problem yourself with a strong dish detergent and scrub brush. Just remember to re-lubricate the tracks when you’re finished.

If you’re still scratching your head and cannot seem to figure out why your garage door is off track, then it might be time to call us and our professionals can examine your garage door, its tracks, rollers, and other working parts to determine the problem quickly and use tools (and experience) to swiftly implement a solution.

If other parts should require replacement, we can do that as well. This will save you the headache of attempting to do all of the work. Unless it’s serious damage or a problem with the system that’s out of your capability and area of do-it-yourself expertise, you should be able to get your door back in its tracks with these few simple solutions.

The best case scenario it’s just a matter of cleaning the rollers, reattaching the tracks, or applying some much needed lubrication, all of which can be done in an hour or so, baring any trips to the store for tools and supplies. There’s nothing more frustrating that a garage door that won’t behave itself. Fortunately, even if you find yourself stumped, and since we specialize in solving garage door woes, you can simply get in touch by giving us a call at (716) 608-0053.


There are several reasons for the garage doors to malfunction. It can get off track: a damaged track may also cause problems, poor lubrication, poor anchors, broken cables, or a misaligned track. We’ll take a look at each of these issues below:


Garages can also be risky places where your tracks may be damaged for one reason or another. Cars backing into tracks or other blunt forces can bend or dent them, sending rollers off the rack or jamming them. Aside from being careful, knocking these dents out is possible with a rubber mallet. It stands to reason that, if your track is significantly damaged or dented, your door will probably go off track. If the dents or damage is minor, you can “DIY” it by pounding them out with a rubber mallet. If the damage is more serious, we’d recommend giving us a call and hiring a professional garage repair technician to ensure the structural integrity of your garage door track is restored.


A main reason garage door rollers derail is that the track and the rollers themselves are not lubricated properly. These two surfaces will generate a lot of friction, so it’s important that they have the lubrication needed to keep moving together smoothly. Sprays like WD-40, silicone oil, or even household cooking oil will suffice to create enough lubrication to keep the rollers moving smoothly along the track. You need to make sure your tracks are lubricated properly so that door rollers can smoothly run along the track. Give us a call if you want more information about how to apply lubricant to your track.


If your garage doors have gotten off track, one of the first things you want to check is to see if the tracks are correctly anchored on the garage wall. If the brackets securing the track have become loose, you’ll want to tighten the bolts on the bracket with a wrench or similar tool.


Your garage door might have gotten off track for the simple reason that your garage door cables have broken. The numerous strands of galvanized wire, called a lift cable, should be attached to the bottom corner of the door on one end, and then routed to the counterbalance spring on the other. If the cable breaks, you have issues. Give us a call for garage door cable repair for cases like these.


If the track is completely out of alignment, your entire door might come off (see images), the same way a train will crash if it runs out of railroad. We’d recommend using a level to make sure your tracks are aligned properly. However, things get more complicated when discussing the specifics of horizontal garage door tracks and roll-up doors. The tracks that are misaligned can also cause problems. Misalignment problems can be easily fixed by loosening fasteners and adjusted the track as needed and then securing the tracks again but it requires technical knowledge. This is why we will always recommend giving the garage door off track repair specialists of Buffalo a call (that’s us!).