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Professionally installed weatherstripping can ensure that the contents of your garage are safe from the elements. Call 716 Garage Door Repair at 716-608-0053, and our team will efficiently apply the right garage door thresholds and weather seals for you.

Weather stripping a garage door involves sealing the door with long pieces of filling materials. These weather strips fill the gaps around the door to keep the elements out. They’re installed at the top, bottom, and sides of the doors. What’s more, you’ll find weather strips in various materials and textures.

Just because you’re not sleeping inside your garage, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t properly seal it. Here are some of the reasons why garage door weatherstripping is necessary:

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of weather stripping is between $128 to $424. Most homeowners choose to work on different areas of their homes besides their garages. Of course, the size of the project will also determine the cost of the weatherstripping.

If you’re planning to replace old weather stripping, you can expect to spend about the same amount as a new installation. Home Advisor reports that the average cost of a replacement is $255.

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